Do’s and Don’ts When Moving Internationally

Relocating or moving from one place to another can be an exciting event and an important milestone in your life, especially when you move to overseas. However, many people think it is expensive and stressful. To prevent your moving experience from becoming a nightmare instead of a dream-come-true, there is something you should do, such as find a international movers with good reputation. Take note of these do’s and don’ts when you are about to move to another country.

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  • Make the preparation at least three months before your departure date. Having enough time to do all the things that need to be done before you leave. Spend time to make a list of the things to done. Inventory all the items in your house and decide which ones you would take with you and which ones you would not need in your new place.

  • Decide what to do with the things that you will leave behind. Appliances and furniture that are still quite new and serviceable can be sold in a garage sale. Old clothes, curtains, beddings, and linens can be given away to people who need them. Your junk in the attic can be sold to a junk shop. After sorting out the contents of your house, you would realize you have been hoarding trash for decades. Place them inside garbage bags for the garbage truck to collect the next time it picks up garbage in your area.
  • Select a house moving company personally. You can ask for recommendations from friends, relatives, and colleagues who have done this moving thing before. They have first-hand experience with certain moving companies and they can help you find a good one.
  • Create a short list of companies that you want to consider for your move. Check their background by asking around. You can use reviews by customers, testimonials, and comments on forums relevant to moving companies.
  • Visit the physical address of the company to see if they have the capability to move your things. Check if they have trucks of their own, moving personnel, and other facilities needed to make every move as hassle-free as possible.
  • Ask the companies in your shortlist for an estimate of the cost. Usually, an employee would be sent to see how much have to be moved so that an estimate can be done. This will enable you to compare prices and decide which company to choose.
  • Check company details such as the number of years it has been in the moving business, its license, insurance coverage, and other pertinent data that can affect your move. Companies that have big insurance coverage will be able to pay for items that have been damaged due to rough handling. Always go for movers with updated and ample insurance coverage.
  • Read the contract carefully before signing. Some people disregard this step and so they end up with the worst moving company. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to call the moving company for clarification.
  • Label each box in preparation to loading and unloading. Under each label, indicate to which part of your new home they shall be placed for everybody’s convenience.



  • Don’t postpone and postpone your packing. You might not want to move but you have to face the truth. Besides, you will have to do it sooner or later anyway. Starting your preparations early will make moving pleasant experience and prevent you from panicking when you realize you only have a few days to do your packing.
  • Don’t let other people find a moving company for you. Remember that you will be the first to suffer the consequences of hiring a company that is not right for your purpose. It would be best to do this task on your own.
  • Don’t pack everything you have in your house. Not all of them can be used in your new home. Taking along stuff that you won’t need will be a waste of money, time, and effort.
  • Don’t pack things at random. You might end up with a loaded truck and piles of junk in your new home.
  • Don’t let someone else do the packing for you if you do not want to be in trouble during your first few days in your new home. Those who volunteer to help you can be handy when it comes to placing items you have chosen inside boxes, lifting furniture that you want to leave behind, and preparing food while you are busy with sorting out your things.
  • Don’t take for granted the contract with your moving company. Read everything before signing it. Be meticulous with the fine print because many of the inconsistencies are placed there with the hope that you, the client, won’t bother to read it anymore.
  • Check your insurance coverage as well as the insurance of the movers. All items you have should be covered so that they can be paid for in case of breakage and other damages due to rough handling.
  • Don’t sign any blank document with your moving company. You don’t know what would be written on those blank pages.
  • Don’t leave before the movers have loaded everything. Supervise the loading process to make sure that nothing essential is left behind.
  • Don’t delay unpacking items that are fragile or breakable. The moving company have responsibility over them so unpack them first and report to the movers that items have been damaged.
  • Don’t sacrifice quality service for a low price. You might be on a tight budget but delays and other problems resulting from hiring incompetent movers can cause you more expense. There are plenty of companies that offer quality service for reasonable prices.
  • Finally, don’t pay the moving company before the job is done. There are good moving companies and there are bad moving companies. But be careful to ask about payment terms. Avoid companies that ask full payment before the task is completed.

By following these do’s and don’ts you will have a stress-free, fun and pleasant move that will enable you to start your new life in your new home in a pleasant way.

I was not prepared. Neither are you

Somewhere in our life, we find sudden pleasures and contentment. These may not be related to one’s individual self. So did me. One fine morning when I went to my physician after a whole week of vomiting and nausea, I was really perplexed, the pregnancy test was positive. It meant a complete 180  degrees turn in my life, where all my evenings were spent with friends and husband’s colleagues in having dinners and drinking, now I would be thinking about another one, sharing my nutrition and even my breaths. Honestly speaking my first response to my doctors’ declaration about my pregnancy was “how come”. It had been around five years since I and Peter had been together. Although, we were on our way to plan our family, yet this first step looked like completely unintentional.

I was least prepared to turn my attention from weekly designer’s collection to baby product wholesales. I was further confused by the directions, which I received from my physician. It was like getting into a whole new costume, with a new look. I was least prepared to see my bikinis looking awkward with my body and leaving my gym sessions because extra stress will be harmful. But eventually I had to get prepared. These whole nine months have passed like a new life, a life which was unfamiliar to me. I started getting baby product wholesales, promotional messages and I started sending dance party invitations to trash. But eventually this experience is far more precious than all these things.

But I am writing all this experience for all my readers out there, who will be experiencing all this soon or may have already got a good news. We should start our discussion with the first trimester of pregnancy, I was not even assured of the cramps in my abdomen. The pelvic area pain will make you think over and over again that why your periods are so late and probably this delay has caused this painful pelvic area.  When I had that tingling pain, I checked my period date almost thrice on the calendar to make sure that I am lacking behind. When I got the confirmation about the pregnancy, I expected my tummy to get out of shape, as if it will become like this overnight. But at least in your first trimester, you will have to feel your bump yourself or unless you tell a baby product wholesales dealer, nobody will know that you are pregnant. So the first trimester will be full of confusion and sudden unexpected results. But the greatest disaster will be your hormones, which can even divert you to break your mirror or probably hit your husband’s head. So, beware of your hormones, they can really drive you crazy.

The second trimester will carry along your hormonal imbalance, along with the clear signs of popping out tummy. I remember when I has my fourth month , I used to spend a lot of my time in front of the mirror, investigating the real inches which I have put up. By that time you will also have recurrent and intense wet dreams. So get ready for them, or else you will feel irritated like me. These wet dreams can make you change your bed covers each morning. But second trimester should also carry intense efforts to get prepared for a new member in the family so you will probably need to contact some baby product wholesales franchise. Although, you will get along a number of options, yet your hormonal craziness can drive you to go through hundreds of baby product wholesales, before you have the final decision.

I recommend you that before you go into the last trimester, get all you want from outside, because by that time you will get really sick due to your bumpy figure. If you want to buy something for your baby, get it done before you turn into an unusual figure. Catch some good baby product wholesales offer, so that all your preparations are done. Baby product wholesales must be given attention because in the initial few weeks after birth you will not be able to roam in the market and if like me, you don’t trust your partner’s choice you surely need to visit all the baby product wholesales before time. Because when you reach the most demanding point of labor pains you will be completely exhausted and fatigued.

I recommend you all that before you go into the last trimester get all you want from outside, because by that time you will get really sick of your bumpy figure. If you want to buy something for your baby get it done before you turn into a bumpy figure. Baby product wholesale must be given due attention because in the initial few weeks after birth you will not be able to roam about in the market and if like me you don’t trust your partner’s choice you surely need to visit all the baby product wholesales before time. Because when you reach the most demanding point of lobor pains you will be completely exhausted and fatigued.

My Nightmare Came True: What happened with my old GP and why you should be checking if you need a new one

Every one of us is so indulged in our life and household chores, that we pay little attention towards the care of our health. The result is the frequent visits to the doctors and the general physicians. No one claims that he or she never had an encounter with the doctor. As we have frequent encounters with doctors, usually we prefer to go to the same doctor, over and over again so we have to choose for the doctor very carefully.