We know that some plugins are extremely expensive and it is never to belittle the work of manufacturers, however producers who are just starting out in the market or who have been in the market for a long time sometimes do not have the same condition as the various producers who have paid synths. So we have prepared 5 top plugins on the market for free so you can download without fear.



Unlock Limitless Sound Possibilities

If you’re a music enthusiast searching for innovative tools to enhance your creative process, look no further than ReCONSTRUCT. This virtual instrument harnesses the power of neural networks to generate unique instruments and timbres, providing a gateway to new sonic experiences for musicians and producers alike.

Unleash Your Sonic Imagination

ReCONSTRUCT utilizes advanced neural networks to generate new instruments and unparalleled timbres. With just a few initial parameters, you can unlock a world of sonic possibilities, allowing the neural network to take creative control and produce astonishing sound variations.

2-TDR Nova


NOVA is a parallel dynamic equalizer. Appearing in the familiar layout of a parametric equalizer, each band also includes a full featured dynamics section allowing the processor to cover an impressively wide range of applications. Be it a master lacking density, the drum bus asking for more crispiness, or a sibilance problem in your perfect take: NOVA has an elegant answer.

A user friendly WYSIWYG drag and drop display paired with a classic “knob” interface gives quick and smooth access to the various parameters driving NOVA’s powerful processing capabilities. With its four dynamic EQ bands and additional high-pass and low-pass filter sections, NOVA can meet the most exotic demand. Intuitive equal loudness functions help finding the optimal setting without getting distracted by loudness differences.

In practice, the processor covers a whole bucket of tasks:

  • Parametric equalization

  • Dynamic equalization

  • Frequency selective compression

  • Multi-band compression

  • Wideband compression


TyrellN6 is a compact, sporty synth. Based on concepts and ideas for a hardware synth: a few modules, novel features, analogue sound and low-cost. TyrellN6 is the software version manifestation of these ideas.


Freq Echo is perfect for dub, Dr. Who, and all of your psychedelic needs.

Bode-Style Frequency Shifter + Analog Echo Emulation create surprising sonic effects. Subtle chorusing and double tracking to barberpole phasing and flanging to endless glissandos and runaway echos.




Vital is a visual synthesizer. See what's happening behind the scenes with animated controls, filter responses, waveforms, smooth LFOs, oscilloscopes, spectrograms and more.
All animations run at 60 frames per second and are GPU optimized which leaves your CPU to do its real job: the audio processing.
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