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Groove Essentials Minimal -Sample Pack

Groove Essentials Minimal -Sample Pack

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⚙️​Specifications ⚙️

-> ✅02-Project Ableton Live 11.0.1

-> ✅95 Preset's Serum v.163 or higher

-> ✅16 Vocals

-> ✅33-Kick's

-> ✅12-Glitch Loops

-> ✅83-Drum Loops

-> ✅46-Hihats (21 OPEN - 25 CLOSED )

-> ✅31-Clap's

-> ✅14-Fills

-> ✅33-Bass Shots

-> ✅22-Bass Loops

-> ✅30-Synth Shots

-> ✅32-Synth Loops

-> ✅23-Pad's Loops

-> ✅58-FX (Atmosphere,Crash,Downlifter,Impacts and Uplifter)

-> ✅+500 Files

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Groove Essentials Minimal House

Discover the secret behind the beat that is moving true electronic music aficionados! Introducing the definitive Minimal House sample pack, a masterpiece of high-end elements meticulously crafted to take your production to the next level.

Enter a sonic universe where each layer is a journey in itself. Bright, neon-drenched synths dance over straight, swirling beats, creating a symphony of textures that mesmerizes the most discerning ear. This pack is a true work of sonic art, with every detail meticulously crafted to offer a unique and immersive listening experience.

Let yourself be carried away by an avalanche of beats and percussions, each one more pulsating than the last. The lush chord strikes and sweeps fill the mid-range with infectious energy, while the nimble, laid-back rhythm creates an engaging groove that's impossible to resist.

This isn't just a sample pack, it's an essential tool for any producer who wants to stand out in the electronic music scene. With an innovative approach and unorthodox sounds, this pack will inspire you to create tracks that challenge convention and elevate the listening experience to new heights.

Don't miss the opportunity to take your production to the next level with the Minimal House sample pack. Turn your ideas into reality and be part of the sound revolution that is conquering the world. Try it today and discover the power of minimalist music

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