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Stereo Rack V.1

Stereo Rack V.1

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We've prepared this free downloadable rack to assist in separating the elements of your music, enabling better control over the stereo and mono aspects of each element.

This rack is designed to ensure full mono compatibility, precisely balancing your mix even when played on mono audio systems.

It's crafted to provide precise separation and balance, ensuring that each element of your music fits seamlessly into the stereo field.

Whether you need to widen the stereo image, tighten up the mono presence, or achieve a perfect blend of both, our rack offers the necessary tools to adjust every detail of your mix.

Download it now and elevate your music production to the next level with advanced stereo and mono processing capabilities!



Understand how to use it in this simple video, we suggest having quality headphones or reference monitors to be able to feel the difference in details

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